19 July, 2024

Regional Centre



 Please click the Notification Nos. below to view the Academic Launch Notifications for the following Programmes :

1. Notification No.83      -   PG Diploma in Geoinformatics (PGDGI)

2. Notification No.84      -   MA in Environmental Studies (MAEVS)

3. Notification No.85      -   CBKG 

4. Notification No.86      -   MA in Journalism and Electronic Media (MAJEM)

5. Notification No.87      -   MA in Sustainability Science (MASSOL)

6. Notification No.88     -   MA in Journalism and Digital Media (MAJDM)

7. Notification No.89     -   PG Diploma in Environmental Management and Law (PGDEML)

8. Notification No.90    -   PG Diploma in Financial Management (PGDIFM)

9. Notification No.91    -   PG Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDIMM)

10.Notification No.92   -   PG Diploma in Human Resource Managment (PGDIHRM)

11.Notification No.93   -   PG Diploma in Operations Management (PGDIOM)