16 July, 2024

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Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)has been at the forefront of making higher education accessible to the hitherto unreached through its open, distance learning, and online modes. The Institute of Cost Accountants of India is 2nd largest Cost & Management Accounting body in the world and the largest in Asia. Presently, the Institute has about 85000 qualified CMAs both in employment & practice and more than 5 Lakhs of students pursuing the CMA Course. IGNOU's School of Agriculture has launched a new educational programme “Diploma in Agricultural Cost Management(DACM)”in collaboration with the Institute of Cost Accountants of India ICMAI).

Agriculture is a resourceful profession and enhancing farmers' income is a major goal of various national schemes and programmes being implemented in the country. The farming community is being sensitized on two aspects namely cost management and return maximization. Efforts are being made to supplement the income from main farm activities along with allied agro-based activities such as value addition and diversification. Agripreneurship / agri-startupsoffer great opportunities to minimize the cost of farm production and provide an increased source of income.  The farmers' producer organizations (FPOs) and cooperatives are effectively utilized to strengthen the farm sector by developing backwards and forward linkages in the agriculture supply chain. 

To supplement all these efforts, IGNOU and ICMAI have jointly developed an Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programme “Diploma in Agricultural Cost Management''. The programme covers farm accounting and costing, agri supply chain management, prudent utilization of land, water management, and other associated farming activities. The purpose of "Diploma in Agricultural Cost Management" is to educate and train learners to efficiently manage farm costs and enhance agricultural productivity and provide insight into various activities including strategic decision-making related to different aspects of agricultural production, crop cultivation, livestock rearing, financial planning, resource allocation, marketing, and risk mitigation.

The DACM programme's major objectives include optimal resource utilisation, proficiency in knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurial capabilities towards farm cost management, value chain, and supply chain management. The course targets urban and rural youth, small and medium entrepreneurs, farmers' organizations, NGO functionaries and trainers, and progressive farmers, with a minimum eligibility requirement of passing 10+2 in any discipline. The course duration ranges from a minimum of one year to a maximum of three years.


"Diploma in Agricultural Cost Management program offers a comprehensive range of courses in agriculture, catering to the diverse needs of students and professionals in the field. These cover various aspects of agricultural management and entrepreneurship, providing valuable insights and skills to individuals interested in agricultural development. The courses include “Basics of Agriculture” provides a foundational understanding of agricultural principles and practices, “Institutional Support for Agricultural Development” delves into the various organizations and institutions involved in supporting agricultural growth and development. The “Cost Concepts and Techniques" equips learners with essential knowledge and techniques related to cost management in agriculture.  “Farm Cost Management" focuses specifically on managing costs within farm operations to enhance efficiency and profitability. “Agripreneurship" explores the entrepreneurial aspects of agriculture, empowering students to create and manage agricultural ventures. Lastly, “Managing Farmers Producers Organizations" addresses the management and organizational aspects of farmers' groups, emphasizing effective leadership and coordination for collective benefit. Together, these courses form a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare individuals for various roles and responsibilities in the agricultural sector, ranging from farm management to entrepreneurship and organizational leadership.


Admission to the programme for the July 2024 session has been opened. For admission, online forms are invited at https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/.More information about the programme is available at the IGNOU website www.ignou.ac.in.


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