19 July, 2024

Regional Centre



Dear Learner

As per IGNOU HQ data, your admission has been confirmed for the RR January 2024 session.

Kindly check your details of Re-Registration, LSC Code and the Course Code/s opted by you at the web link:


You may contact your Study Centre for academic support services like counselling, submission of assignments, practicals etc. Click Here

The eligible Students for TEE June 2024 session may check the assignment submission circular at http://rcmadurai.ignou.ac.in/ 

The last date for assignment submission at your LSC is  31.03.2024 (For the extension of the last date if any visit www.ignou.ac.in regularly)  

Exam form for ODL and OL programmes https://exam.ignou.ac.in/

Project submission link  https://onlineproject.ignou.ac.in/projectjun24/ 

For general information, you may browse www.ignou.ac.in and for specific information, browse http://rcmadurai.ignou.ac.in/

Contact your Coordinator of LSC for availing support services. 

With best wishes


Regional Director 


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