15 July, 2024

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New Portal for uploading of DECE Project File

22 December, 2021

A new portal for the uploading of DECE project files is now ready. Students will be able to upload even if it is not yet visible in IGNOU main page. 

Site is now published and can be accessed on https://deceproject.ignouonline.ac.in
Please click here to view the Notification from SED, IGNOU, NEW DELHI in this regard
All students of DECE are advised to upload online on the portal along with the link of each video which they have to upload on Youtube. If some cannot upload on youtube they can upload their videos as google drive. All these detailed instructions are given in the portal. 
In case some students wants to submit a hard copy then they have to share all their videos in CD along with a hard copy of the project file. But this is a risky process as the CD may not open with the evaluator. Hene, all students are advised to upload on websites.