16 June, 2024

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Notification regarding De-centralization of Submission & Evaluation of Workbooks and conduct of Viva-Voce for the Workbooks-BRLT005/BRLP101, BRLT009/BRLP102, BRLT016/BRLP103 of BBARL (pre-revised) and BBARIL (Revised) programme

30 November, 2022

Please click here to view the Notification  no: IG/RSD/1351, dated;29-11-2022, regarding De-centralization of Submission and Evaluation of Workbooks and conduct of viva-Voce for the Workbooks-BELT-005/ BRLP-101, BRLT-009/ BRLP-102, BRLT-016/ BRLP-103 of BBARL (pre-revised) and BBARIL (Revised) programme.