16 June, 2024

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Credit fransfer for MSCDFSM Programme

16 May, 2023

Competent authority  has approved the credit transfer for all courses (19 Nos.) of MSCDFSM programme.  The list of the courses are as under:

MFN1, MFN2, MFN3, MFN4, MFN5, MFN6, MFN7, MFN8,  MFN9, MFN10, MFNL2,  MFNL3,  MFNL4,  MFNL5,  MFNL6,  MFNL7,  MFNL8, MFNP-11 & MFNP-12 
Therefore, it is requested that the same may be informed to the students who wish to take credit transfer in the MSCDFSM programme.