15 July, 2024

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General Instructions to the Learners Enrolled in the Certificate and Semester Programmes (ODL and OL) for January 2024

30 March, 2024


All the Learners of Certificate and Semester Programmes (ODL and OL)– January 2024 Session


Dear Learners,


Greetings from IGNOU.


In continuation to the admission confirmation email sent by the CSRC, IGNOU New Delhi, the following instructions have been issued to the fresh learners enrolled in the Certificate and Semester Programmes (ODL/OL) of the January 2024 session of IGNOU, and allotted to the Learner Support Centres (LSCs) under RC Madurai. 


1. Check your Registration details, LSC Code and the Course Code/s registered by you at the web link: https://isms.ignou.ac.in/changeadmdata/AdmissionStatusNew.ASP

2. The Learner Support Centre (LSC) allotted to you is the contact point for availing academic support services like Induction, Academic Counselling, Assignment Submission, Practicals, Projects etc. Therefore contact the Coordinator of your LSC for Academic Support Services. Always write your Enrollment Number and Programme Code in every correspondence with the HQ/RC/LSC.

3. Download your Digital ID Card from https://ignou.samarth.edu.in/index.php/site/login and keep it laminated and preserve it till you complete the programme. Also, register for the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC).

4. Kindly read the Learner's Guide and Induction Handbook to the Learners.

5. Read the code of conduct at the Learner’s Charter for IGNOU learners and follow the instructions.

6. Study Materials: The Study Materials will be sent only to the Learner’s Communication Address directly from the Material Production and Distribution Division (MPDD), IGNOU, New Delhi and till such time the students may download the Digital Study Materials from https://egyankosh.ac.in/ or IGNOU e-Content app (Download from Google Play store)

7. Counselling/Practical Sessions: The Schedule for the Counselling (Theory) Sessions (Online or Face-to-face Mode) and Practical Sessions will be sent to you by the Study Centre. Read the Programme Guide and Study Materials thoroughly before attending sessions. All Communications shall be sent to your registered email IDs as per registration details.

8. Always visit IGNOU Website http://ignou.ac.in/ latest updates. Also, visit the IGNOU RC Madurai Website http://rcmadurai.ignou.ac.in/ for updates on Student Support Information. Regularly visit the Digital Notice Board of RC Madurai to know the updates. Project related details kindly read your Project Manual as applicable downloading from https://egyankosh.ac.in/

9. Online Programme (OL) Learners shall log in to the Learning Management System (LMS) portal by login to avail of the e-content, discussion forum, live interaction assignments submission etc. For login details contact COE, IGNOU – Email coe@ignou.ac.in 

10. Download Assignments for the TEE June 2024 and the written Assignments shall be submitted to your allotted Learner Support Centre for ODL learners as per schedule. Refer circular for assignment submission at http://rcmadurai.ignou.ac.in//Ignou-RC-Madurai/userfiles/file/Assignments%20Circular%20TEE%200624.pdf Read your Programme Guide thoroughly and check your eligibility for the TEE before writing the Assignment and read the instructions printed on each Assignment. Contact your LSC for further guidance. The last date for Assignments Submission is 31.3.2024. However, check the website of IGNOU for updates on the last date for an extension for submission if any.

11. The Eligible Students for the Term End Exam – June 2024 can visit the IGNOU website and submit exam applications at https://exam.ignou.ac.in/  - ODL and OL (Read all the instructions clearly) Last date for Exam form submission is 31.03.2024 without late fee. You can choose the nearest exam centre while filling out the form. Exam/Practical/Project Fees from the January 2023 Admission Cycle onwards as applicable. The Online Programme Students, check the link https://exam.ignou.ac.in/  and fill the choice of option pen & paper mode or CBT mode. The students are required to create ABC ID while filling the Term-End-Examination Form otherwise their grades/marks will be not reflected on the Academic Bank of Credit (ABC)/DigiLocker and might affect timely declaration of result. The creation of ABC ID has been made mandatory by the Government. Click here to view Instruction for Creation of ABC-ID.

12.  Contact the Coordinator of your Learner Support Centre for any query.


Link for Schedules of Gyandarshan Channel http://ignou.ac.in/ignou/aboutignou/icc/empc/gyantime  

Link for Video Lessons https://www.youtube.com/c/empcignou/playlists  

Link for Audio Lessons https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1m_PuGcRDa9os0WNDxdE-nPHi_qcnRgJs  

Daily Schedules of Swayamprabha channel http://www.ignou.ac.in/userfiles/Swyamprabha.pdf

Frequently useful links http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/aboutignou/icc/ssc/frequentlylinks

Web Enabled Academic Support https://sites.google.com/ignou.ac.in/weas

Schedules of Swayam Prabha DTH TV Channels at IGNOU https://egyankosh.ac.in/swayamprabha.jsp


Thank You, 


With Regards

Dr. M. Shanmugam

Regional Director, 

IGNOU RC Madurai 


CC to all the LSCs of RC Madurai and Extn. Centres of RC Madurai 



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