15 July, 2024

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IGNOU - EMPC Facebook

20 April, 2023

Dear Madam/Sir,

EMPC has taken up a new initiative to share the day to day schedule of live interactive Teleconferencing sessions through the Facebook page (link given below)


The Regional Centres are requested to kindly share this information with all the stakeholders including the Learners Support Centres (LSCs) and the Academic Councellors etc, in the region.The information about the same may also be placed on the website of the Regional Centres for the information of the learners.  

The learners have also been suggested to share their valuable suggestions and feedback on this email empclive@ignou.ac.in for further making the programme more interactive and  useful for the viewers/ learner.

with regards 

Dr. K.D. Prasad

Director, EMPC