03 December, 2022

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Submission of Ideas and Innovation on National Innovation Repository-YUKTI of Ministry of Education

14 September, 2022

Dear Sir/Madam,


Greetings from NCIDE!


The goal of NCIDE has always been to develop a culture of continued search for new and innovative solutions to offer seamless education for all, achieve cost efficiency in its operations and provide borderless access to quality education and training. (http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/aboutignou/icc/ncide/introduction). From the past three to four years the Ministry of Education (MoE) has also been involved in creating, promoting, nurturing and supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship related initiatives across Educational Institutions.


The Ministry of Education (MoE) has recently initiated the creation of a National  Innovation  Repository (NIR)  – YUKTI. It aims at building a repository of Ideas, Innovations and Startups developed by the faculty and students of Higher Education Institutes and enabling them to manage and nurture these innovations by offering continuous support in terms of one-to-one mentorship, grant assistance, referral and linkage with Incubation Units, connecting with Angel/Venture Capital (VC) Investors Network, Knowledge Agencies, etc.


We are also aware that many of our faculty members have very innovative ideas and they have done good innovations. To project the innovative work done by our faculty members during the years (2019-2020, 2020-21 and 2021 -22) in the YUKTI Portal we  request you to kindly submit your Ideas/Innovations/Business-Model/Startups in the forms attached with this email.


If you are interested in submitting your Ideas/Innovations/Business-Model/Startups you may send the filled in form to NCIDE through email at ncide@ignou.ac.in by September 15, 2022.


After 15th September, 2022 we will also facilitate you in submitting the forms on the YUKTI portal ( https://yukti.mic.gov.in/login/SUMyMDE4MTAyODA)


This contribution from your side will enable you to document and showcase your Ideas/Innovations/Business-Model/Startups  in the National  Innovation  Repository  (NIR) – YUKTI and also, it will help the University in maintaining Five Star rating in the IIC performance and retaining ARIIA Rank during 2022.


Moreover, we are required to submit minimum  50 Ideas, 25 innovations/prototypes and 5 startups to boost IIC institution's star rating in the IIC4.0 Annual Performance, and furthermore the verified and recommended innovations (TRL 4 and above) and registered startups will get auto reflected for the ARIIA-2022 ranking purpose also. Kindly encourage your students and Alumni also to submit their Ideas/Innovations/Business-Model/Startups on the YUKTI Portal.


Looking forward to getting your wholehearted support and cooperation in this regard. 

With best regards.



(Dr. Oum Prakash Sharma)


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