05 December, 2023

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Twitter handle of EMPC-IGNOU

13 June, 2023

Dear Madam/ Sir,

As you are aware the Electronic Media Production Centre (EMPC) is the hub of electronic and broadcast media and  carries  the  key responsibilities  to produce Curriculum-based Audio and Video programmes to supplement the SLMs (Self Learning Materials) of various academic programmes and courses of IGNOU. 

The EMPC is continuously  supplementing   the academic  support with the outreach of its interactive transmissions using  Radio, Television,etc through  Interactive Radio Counseling(IRC),  Teleconferencing(TC) ,Youtube(https://www.youtube.com/c/empcignou) and  Facebook Live (https://www.facebook.com/people/Electronic-Media-Production-Centre-EMPC/100090109165865/) etc.

Presently ,the EMPC is carrying the live teleconferencing sessions on Facebook Live ,Youtube and through Swayam Prabha Channels other than on GYAN DARSHAN TV Channel.EMPC is regularly tweeting the schedules of the Live TC/IRC Sessions on its Twitter handle @IGNOU_EMPC  .

You are requested to kindly share this information with the LSCs in the region for their kind information .This information may also be shared with the learners,Academic Counsellors and other Stakeholders for their participation. They will also be advised  to follow the Twitter handle of EMPC(@IGNOU_EMPC) for getting the information of the live sessions being organised by EMPC.

Soliciting the kind support of The RCs in extending the outreach of the  telecast/broadcast of EMPC.

With rgds,


Dr. K.D. Prasad
Electronic Media Production Centre(EMPC)