19 July, 2024

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MA in Psychology (MAPC)

Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 5 Years
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


Bachelor's degree from a recognised university

Note :- Rs. 6000/-for Ist Year and Rs.5500/-for IInd Year.(To be added before the practical fee information)

 The M.A.(Psychology) degree programme is being offered by the School of Social Sciences of IGNOU. In the recent past Psychology degree has been in great demand with

many schools, hospitals both private and public ass well as the voluntary welfare agencies and correctional institutions demanding for psychologists to deal with varied problems
of human behaviour.

Almost every school needs a psychologist with M.A. degree to work full time with problem children and also teach psychology for classes XI and XII in the 10+2 schooling. In addition many rehabilitation centres are being established all over India both in the mental health and physical disability areas, and these need immediately qualified psychologists with M.A. Degree in Psychology to man those centres.
Keeping the above in view and the commitment of IGNOU to providing quality education at low costs to those who have for some reason or the other missed opportunities for further studies, the present programme caters to varied clientele, such as fresh graduate students as well as those who want to enter the employment arena and those already employed but do not possess the Masters’ Degree in Psychology. The aim of this programme is to give the learners a sound base in psychology and human behaviour through an indepth investigation into a broad range of psychological techniques and skills as applied to diverse settings.
Phone numbers for Psychology Programmes: 011- 29572707, 011-29572773,011-29753170, 011-29572781

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