03 December, 2023

Regional Centre

Innovation Club@RC Madurai

This is to inform you that the Innovation Club under RC Madurai has been reconstituted as per the directive of the IGNOU HQ and a Notification in this regard is attached herewith. 




1. Dr. M. Shanmugam, Sr. Regional Director, IGNOU RC, Madurai - Chairman

2. Dr. G. Anbalagan, Assistant Regional Director (SS), IGNOU RC, Madurai- Secretary

3. Mr. S. Elamparithi, Assistant Registrar, IGNOU RC, Madurai - Member

4. Dr. R. Geetha, Coordinator, IGNOU LSC – 2502 (GRD College of Science, Coimbatore) - Member

5. Dr. A. Elangovan, Coordinator, IGNOU LSC – 2503 (Thiagarajar College, Madurai) - Member

6. Dr. Suresh Frederick, Coordinator, IGNOU LSC – 2504 (Bishop Heber College, Trichy) - Member

7. Dr. Jude Christo Cedric, Assist. Coordinator, IGNOU LSC – 2507(V.O.C. College, Tuticorin) - Member

8. Ms. Rooplata, IGNOU Student at LSC 2502 (MP- 2100890581) - Member

9. Mr. Siddharth, IGNOU Student at LSC 2502 (BCA- 187010429) - Member

10. Mr. Muralidharan B, IGNOU Student at LSC 2503 (MP- 2006434008) - Member

11. Mr. Eldho Kurian Roy, IGNOU Student at LSC 2503 (BSW- 2000133120) - Member

12. Mr. Ranjeet Kumar, IGNOU Student at LSC 2504 (BAHIH- 2000406333) - Member

13. Mr. Laxman Choudhary B. IGNOU Student at LSC 2503 (BSCG- 197817446) - Member

14. Ms. R. Vency, IGNOU Student at LSC 43078 (BAG- 197818280) - Member

15. Ms. Devi Ramya S.V. IGNOU Student at LSC 43086 (DECE- 2201370361) - Member

16. Ms. Adrija Maitra, IGNOU Student at LSC 43084 (BAG- 197811033) - Member

17. Ms. Sathya M, IGNOU Student at LSC 2507 (BAG- 197712545) – Member


The Committee of the Innovation Club shall organise periodical meetings to generate new ideas and explore innovations among the LSCs under RC, Madurai.  The innovation club will work with the coordination of RSD and NCIDE at IGNOU HQ for reporting activities periodically.


Objectives of the Innovation Club @ RC: 

The basic objectives of the Innovation Club @ RC will be as follows: 

1. To generate awareness about creativity and innovations amongst the students in the region, 

2. To cultivate a culture of innovation among the staff and students of IGNOU, 

3. To identify the grass-root level innovations by the faculty and the students of IGNOU, and 

4. To create a network of innovators and create a culture of innovation at the RC as well as at the LSCs. 


Suggested Activities of Innovation Club @ RC 

1. Organising periodic meetings of the innovation club members to generate new ideas and explore and identify innovations by students, faculty, and staff of RC. 

2. Invite students, faculty, and staff members to share their innovative ideas & skills and showcase their innovative products and processes. 

3. Organising awareness campaigns and exhibitions on creativity and innovations in the region by involving the LSCs. 

4. Organising various competitions like quizzes, debates, posters, etc. on innovation and creativity at the RC Level. 

5. Contributing reports of activities, news items, write-ups, and articles to the e-Newsletter "Ennovate" on innovation being brought out by NCIDE, IGNOU. 



With regards, 

Dr. M. Shanmugam


Please click here to view the Notification regarding Reconstitution of IGNOU RC Madurai - Innovation Club 


Please click here to view the Invitation for Online Lecture on "Innovation and Our Belief" scheduled on 20-12-22 @ 5.00 p.m.